FAQs - Bid'n'Buy

Bid'n'Buy is a minimal viable bidding (MVB) platform making it quick, simple and easy to create auctions for anything.

Whether you want to sell or you want to buy, Bid'n'Buy offers something for everyone. All that is required is an email.

How does it work?

All auctions are public, anyone with the auction link can bid along.

How do I pay?

Bid'n'Buy is a facilitator, we do not handle financial transactions. If your bid gets accepted or you accept a bid, then both parties will be informed - via email - and its up to the people involved to handle the financials.

We at Bid'n'Buy are a mature lot and we assume the same of our customers.

Can I pay in currency X instead of dollars?

On Bid'n'Buy the dollar is a symbolic currency, take it as you will. Most people consider it to be the US-Dollar and desire to have the equivalent amount in their local currency.

We at Bid'n'Buy are a mature lot and we assume the same of our customers.

What happened to the cents?

Our developer Elves decided that cents would make no sense, hence cents have been discarded.

If you want cents, write that into your offer: "amount consider to be in cents not dollars, divide by 100 to get dollar amount".

Where can I enter an amount?

Sorry, developer Elves again. Only percentage steps are possible. Bids can only be increased by one-percent, five-percent or ten-percent.

A start amount is set by the seller and then bidding is done using percentages, no amounts can be entered.

Why are all auctions public?

Auctions are open to all that have the link to an auction, auctions are not discoverable without the link. Sharing auction links is the only way to spread awareness.

Bid'n'Buy does not spend money on marketing or advertising auctions.

What happened to my auction?

Auctions that have been accepted are removed after fourteen days, this is part of the privacy policy that we implement. We also call it no evidence left behind*.

Also auctions that are deemed to be offensive or degrading or negative or for whatever reason are banned and deleted.

Why can't I bid on my own offer?

Would be kinda unfair, right! Instead you can accept or decline the highest bid on your offer, thats far more fun!

Unlike other auction platforms, bidding here is a two way, instantaneous activity. The bidder is informed if their bid was declined by the seller and they can raise it or not.

Is there a time limit on offers?

No. There is no time limit on auctions, they remain active as long as the offers have not been accepted. Declining an bid does not conclude the auction.

Is Maturity and Respect required?


Be mature and respectful on Bid'n'Buy. Our customer service has been set high levels of user banning. Meaning we ban first and do not ask questions later.

What is "Good Faith Technology"?

This is Good Faith Technology, that is, we don't handle:

We act in good faith and believe that everyone will also be respectfully to and with one another.

Whats with the "I'm buying" switch?

The create auction page has a switch to reverse the auction: I want to buy something off someone else.

To sell something is the basic intention of the Bid'n'Buy but sometimes you want to buy something off someone. Be it that stranger on the street with that great bag or the influencer on social media who has a great outfit on.

Normally sellers make buyers, at Bid'n'Buy a buyer can make a seller! Bid'n'Buy is not only a minimal viable bidding (MVB) platform but also a bi-directional bidding platform.

The I'm buying feature is unique in providing a mechanism for making sellers out of ordinary consumers. Driven by the financial might of those with financial might, everything and everyone is now truly a product!

I'm buying is not intended to be used to buy general items, it is targeted for a specific seller. Someone has something that you want and you are willing to pay them for it. That's it.

Desire, Offer, Proposal .. what is the difference?

In the beginning, someone gave us the auction. The classic auction is: I have something to sell and put it up for auction to get multiple offers (aka bids) for that item. That is an offer: I have something to sell and I offer it up to the highest bidder.

I become a bidder when I bid on an item that I want to own. Normally these are items that people put on offer, the seller assumes I wish to purchase these items.

But what if there is something I desire from the seller? Something that the seller is not selling, perhaps because they never thought of selling it?

These are called desires on Bid'n'Buy and these can be created when creating an auction. Instead of creating an auction for something I own, I create an auction for something I desire. I can bid on my desires, just as everyone else can. The seller can accept or decline bids at any time. When the seller accepts the bid, they agree to sell that which is desired to the person who made the accepted bid.

A desire is created by selecting the I'm buying switch and providing the email of the seller, that is, the person who knows what I desire.

A proposal is when someone wants something from me, a proposal is a desire that someone has for something that I have. Proposals for me can only be accepted or declined by me. I cannot bid on my proposals.

Everything is an auction, and everything has its price.

Where is the smallprint?

There is only bigprint.

How can I contact Bid'n'Buy?

If you have further questions, send us an email.